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 Community Rules

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Community Rules Empty
PostSubject: Community Rules   Community Rules EmptySun Dec 24, 2017 10:13 pm

A few things to keep in mind when browsing the forum....

Spam = We do not allow posts that contain spam.  Posts must contribute to the topic at hand and be made to the best of the user's ability.

Unsuitable Content = Unsuitable content is not allowed anywhere on the forum or even via PM.  Unsuitable content includes, but is not limited to, hate towards any individual, pornographic, misleading links, shock images or videos, hacking, torrents, pirated or nulled software, or anything else the staff may consider to be unsuitable.  

Avatar and Signature = Your avatar and your signature area may not contain anything that others might consider offensive.  It doesn't matter who it's directed towards.  Also, your avatar/signature may not contain unsuitable content either (please see previous rule about unsuitable content).

Advertising = While we don't have a specific section on the forum set aside for advertising, we do allow members to advertise in their signature area.  Advertising isn't allowed anywhere else on the forum, including using the PM system to badger other people about joining your site

Harassment = It's not okay to harass other members on the forum or through the PM system.  This is a place of friendly discussion and not a place for harassment.

Account = Only one (1) account per person is permitted on this forum.

Backseat Moderation = If there is a problem on the forum or you spot someone breaking the rules, we prefer that you just report it to a member of the staff and then walk away from the incident.  We are happy that you want to help but you can help out by reporting problems to the staff.
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Community Rules
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